How I came to my hobby.

bla bla bla….a little bit of history

Imagine that I was not allowed to own a console or PC as a kid, cause my parents argument was that it makes kids stupid. From time to time when we were over at family friends (Americans 😉 ), they let me play with their Sega Genesis console, Mortal Kombat, Sonic the Hedgehog, etc. No matter how often I annoyed my parents I didn’t get one, so I spent my first saved money on a DMG-01 Gameboy, clear Play it Loud! Edition. My parents weren’t overly excited about that, but it fell under the pocket money paragraph
Besides, whose parents don’t love Tetris?

But over the years I still couldn’t get a console and so I grew up, playing over at friends every time. Ahhh… those beautiful days when you had bruises on your hands from playing Street Fighter matches for hours on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System *dream*

Sometime my aunt bought me a 286 notebook, cause at that time she was working for Nokia and she had gotten a newer one from them. There I collected my first experiences and skills. First I only played DOS games, what every kid would do, but soon I began to get interested in programming. After years my aunt bought me a full desktop pc, a Fujitsu Siemens Scaleon 600, something with a Pentium4 2,5Ghz core, a quantum leap from that old 286 you could have slayed someone with

The boom on game programming came and I worked with Visual C++, but that didn’t last long because my hobby got more important to me than school and my parents didn’t like that. As you could imagine, they took away my PC. I lived in the highlands back then, where the only activity was going outside and counting grass stalks or catching grasshoppers, and my parents didn’t let me watch tv for very long.

So the years went by. Everything I got in my hands that had something to do with technology, I disassembled it and wanted to know how it worked. I began building and repairing PC systems for friends and family and asked around for faulty electronic devices. After a time I collected a bunch of stuff, pretty much from the PC sector and I began modding. That was the time I got into gaming at LAN partys and doing PC modding stuff. I finished my school and got the secondary school finishing certificate and began my apprenticeship as a real estate broker, but after 2 years I realized it wasn’t for me and ended it. For a bit of time I was unemployed, with much time for myself. I remember one day there was a feeling in me… something was missing in my life. An urge, I couldn’t describe it – childhood dreams I would rather say.

One day my PC began to bore me and it was time for a change. I began buying stuff from back in my childhood: consoles, games, everything I could remember, beautiful moments. Soon it was more than I had planned and it got out of perspective, so much that I had to sell stuff. What soon annoyed me was that it was hard to get functional or consoles in really good shape, or hardware components for a good price. I began learning to repair hardware and in a while from “just working repairs” up to “real refurbished works”. I got better, old consoles got repaired and refurbished so that they looked just like new. Over that I learned soldering and basics on electronic and electrical engineering, all you have to know.

I began a new apprenticeship as an IT-specialist for application developement. Now my hobby and my job are in perfect harmony and I can profit from it. Hobby = hardware, job = software and for the fun on retro, collecting consoles and games. My permanent companion since I can remember, electro and minimal music <3

August 2019
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